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A signal word for chronological /sequential is
a) because
b) both
c) also
d) finally

Describing events in order of time is...
a) Description
b) Chronological
c) Cause and Effect
d) Problem and Solution

When one event leads to another it is...
a) Chronological
b) Description
c) Problem and Solution
d) Cause and Effect

An explanation of similarities and differences is...
a) Cause and Effect
b) Problem and Solution
c) Compare and Contrast
d) Chronological

An issue with an answer or answers is...
a) Cause and Effect
b) Problem and Solution
c) Compare and Contrast
d) Description

An idea followed by details is...
a) Cause and Effect
b) Compare and Contrast
c) Description
d) Chronological

Text structure is...
a) how a skyscraper is built...
b) how a text is built
c) how to compare houses and skyscrapers
d) nonfiction and fiction

A signal word for compare and contrast is...
a) first
b) both
c) causes
d) problem

Description/main idea must have...
a) be in order of time
b) supporting details
c) have a list of sources
d) provide a solution

A signal word for cause and effect is...
a) first
b) problem
c) finally
d) as a result

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