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How are the governments of Rome and the United States?
a) Both have three branches of government to check and balance the other branches.
b) Both hold elections every 10 years.
c) Both have one single all-powerful ruler.
d) Both allowed everyone to vote.

How did Julius Caesar gain control of Rome?
a) He inherited the throne through a dynasty.
b) He chosen by the Senate who loved him.
c) He won a civil war against other powerful Generals.
d) He never gained full control of Rome.

Which adjective best describes the Roman Empire during the Pax Romana?
a) Unstable
b) Democratic
c) War-like
d) Prosperous

Why did the Senate assassinate Julius Caesar?
a) He added too much territory to the Empire.
b) They were jealous of him.
c) They feared he was becoming too powerful.
d) Caesar tried to break the Senate apart.

The language most important to the Romans was
a) English
b) Latin
c) Greek
d) Germanic

Who was the first Roman emperor?
a) Octavian
b) Julius Caesar
c) Hadrian
d) Vespasian

How was Julius Caesar viewed by most Roman citizens during his lifetime?
a) He was feared by everyone in Rome.
b) He was hated as a cruel dictator.
c) They thought he was a Roman god.
d) He was well-liked and popular.

If you worked as a woodworker (carpenter), you would most likely be a
a) Patrician
b) Slave
c) Plebeian
d) Consul

Which best describes the Roman Republic?
a) A dictatorship run by one emperor
b) A government run by elected officials
c) A monarchy run by a king
d) An oligarchy run by the richest.

Which of the following was NOT true of the Twelve Tables?
a) laws only patricians followed
b) posted in the forum for all to see
c) laws of all Romans
d) explained aspects of life like marriage, trade, warfare

The main problem is Rome was
a) Bad leadership
b) Weak Army
c) Disease Spread
d) Poor geography

Roman soldiers were stationed at all borders of the empire to
a) provide more affordable housing
b) protect against invaders
c) avoid overcrowding in the city of Rome
d) prevent citizens from leaving Rome.

People had to barter. This reason Rome fell was
a) Government/Political
b) Social
c) Military
d) Economic

Inflation began. This reason for the fall of Rome was
a) Government/Political
b) Social
c) Military
d) Economic

Which of the following was a legal idea we get from Rome
a) Trial by jury
b) Everyone is equal under the law
c) Laws for some citizens are different
d) Rulers do not have to follow the same laws

Many other languages came from Latin. One is
a) Spanish
b) Germanic
c) Greek
d) English

Citizens stopped paying taxes. This reason for the fall of Rome is
a) Government/Political
b) Social
c) Military
d) Economic

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