Culinary Review Part 4 Question Preview (ID: 28773)

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Tough pie crust is produced by:
a) Docking
b) Handling carefully
c) Over mixing
d) Proper measuring

What should be used to add color to light fruits in parfaits and compote?
a) Food coloring
b) Glaze of colored syrup
c) Vanilla pudding
d) Whipped cream parfaits and compote

Fruit pies are baked between what temperature?
a) 300-325 degrees F
b) 350-375 degrees F
c) 400-425 degrees F
d) 450-475 degrees F

What is used as a stabilizer by bakers to keep whipped cream white and fresh looking?
a) Cornstarch
b) Dry milk
c) Sweet butter
d) Vanilla extract

What is the proper order of kneading yeast bread dough?
a) Let dough rest, fold, and bake
b) Press dough with the heels of hands, fold, and turn
c) Punch down dough with fist, fold, and turn
d) Stir ingredients, press, and turn

Yeast breads are leavened by:
a) All-purpose flour
b) Soft wheat flour
c) Water
d) Yeast

If yeast bread is consistently yields a product that had a heavy texture, what is the likely cause?
a) Not enough flour
b) Oven temperature too low
c) Over kneaded
d) Too much yeast

What is another name for hard rolls?
a) Breakfast
b) Convenience
c) Dinner
d) Sweet

What protein are found in wheat flour?
a) Fat
b) Gluten
c) Starch
d) Sugar

The baker wants to prepare yeast bread for dinner but is short on time. If the mixer method is used, which area of preparation time will be shortened?
a) Baking
b) Kneading
c) Resting
d) Rising

How can the growth of yeast dough be retarded or slowed?
a) Put it in a slightly warm oven
b) Cover it with plastic wrap
c) Leave it in a cool room
d) Wrap it in foil and place it in the pantry

What is the function of fat in yeast breads?
a) Increases tenderness
b) Decreases tenderness
c) Increases volume
d) Decreases volume

The bakery chef is testing out a variety of homemade breads by adding fruit to the dough. The final product has a cracked top. What is the MOST LIKELY the case of this characteristic?
a) Fruit causes extra moisture
b) Fruit makes dough dense
c) Fruit used is not ripe
d) Fruit used is too ripe

If ingredients such as raisins, nuts, cheese herbs and spices are added to yeast breads prior to baking, what is a possible reaction?
a) Longer rising time
b) Shorter rising time
c) Longer baking time
d) Shorter baking time

Which ingredients of yeast rolls is a leavening agent?
a) Active dry yeast
b) All-purpose flour
c) Margarine
d) Milk

What liquid is MOST often used to make soft rolls?
a) Cream
b) Milk
c) Oil
d) Water

Moist heat, or steam in the oven, will produce bread that has:
a) A soft crust and a dry interior
b) A soft crust and a soft interior
c) An inner softness with a hard crust
d) Too much moisture

What is the most likely reason a consumer would NOT own an automatic bread machine?
a) Easy to use
b) High energy cost
c) High initial cost
d) High maintenance

What is the mixture of egg yolk and milk or waterer that bakers often paint on the top of sweet rolls to make them attractive and shiny?
a) Egg paint
b) Egg wash
c) Milk wash
d) Sweet roll wash

What is the name used for rolls baked on the flour of the oven?
a) Handy
b) Hardy
c) Healthy
d) Hearth

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