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Some scientists are concerned that television, radio, and newspapers report the outcome of experiments too quickly. What would be the major scientific concern?
a) Conclusions may be drawn by the public before the results are verified by other laboratories.
b) Other agencies may hear of the experiments and claim credit for them.
c) Commercial organizations may copy the ideas and sell them for profit.
d) The level of scientific research is lowered to a media event.

After a recent experiment, a scientist noticed that the computer simulation varied from the actual experiment. What should the scientist do?
a) Repeat the experiment several times in order to verify the results.
b) Adjust the computer's program so it matches the actual results.
c) Ignore the actual results as inaccurate because computers are very precise.
d) Ignore the simulation as inaccurate because of a possible computer virus.

When modern disease-controlling medicines and practices are introduced in developing countries, the first major change is that...
a) life spans increase
b) birth rates decrease
c) the population decreases
d) the water supply increases

What type of rock is formed in layers?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) granite
d) obsidian

Wind occurs when air masses move from one place to another. What causes the movement of air masses?
a) The position of the moon
b) The heating of the air
c) The rotation of Earth
d) The condensation of air

Which of these parts of an animal would be most likely to form a fossil?
a) heart
b) kidney
c) eye
d) tooth

Green plants are important to animals because the plants...
a) consume food and give off oxygen
b) consume food and give off carbon dioxide
c) produce food and give off oxygen
d) produce food and give off carbon dioxide

Snakes feed on mice. The mice eat grain crops. When the corps are plentiful, what will happen?
a) The mouse population will decrease.
b) The snake population will increase.
c) The snake population will decrease.
d) The mouse population will not change.

In a food chain, which are the most efficient users of solar energy?
a) Herbivores
b) Carnivores
c) Omnivores
d) Parasites

A manufacturer is conducting research using a hammock they want to sell to consumers. The manufacturer places different amounts of mass on the hammock and observes what happens to the hammock. Which feature of the hammock is being tested?
a) The force required to break the ropes
b) The force required to swing the hammock
c) The color and style preference of consumers
d) The damage to the hammock caused by the sun

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