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What is central tendency?
a) a way to describe data including mean, median and mode
b) information, especially numerical information
c) a group of items or events
d) a combination of simple events

What is the mean?
a) average
b) most frequent number
c) middle number
d) difference between highest and lowest number

What type of problem involves solving real-life situations with math?
a) theoretical probability
b) sample space
c) contextualized problems
d) fundamental counting principal

Two events that cannot occur at the same time are called....
a) independent events
b) mutually exclusive
c) probability
d) outcomes

What do we call numerical information?
a) central tendency
b) median
c) data
d) quartiles

Which type of graph uses a point for each item being measured?
a) histogram
b) bar graph
c) line graph
d) scatter plot

What is the standard deviation?
a) a measure of how spread out numbers are; equal to the square root of the variance
b) the chance of an event happening
c) a list of all the possible outcomes of an activity
d) the mean

What is experimental probability?
a) two events in which the outcome of the first event does not affect the outcome of the second event
b) a statement of probability based on the results of a series of trials
c) finding the probability of an event without doing an experiment or analyzing data
d) a list of all possible outcomes of an activity

Which type of events are mutually exclusive and cover all possible outcomes?
a) complementary events
b) dependent events
c) outliers
d) theoretical probability

What is a prediction?
a) the chance of an event happening
b) information, especially numerical information
c) the chance of something happening
d) a statement of what somebody thinks will happen in the future

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