Principles Of Government And The Constitutional Convention Question Preview (ID: 28519)

Review The 7 Principles Of Government And How The Constitution Was Formed.[print questions]

The power comes from the people
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Republicanism
c) Separation of Powers
d) Limited Government

The people vote for representatives to make laws and conduct government
a) Checks and Balances
b) Popular Sovereignty
c) Republicanism
d) Limited Government

Congress makes laws for the nation
a) Limited Government
b) Separation of Powers
c) Republicanism
d) Checks and Balances

The president and all gov't officials must obey the law like all American citizens
a) Federalism
b) Republicanism
c) Individual Rights
d) Limited government

Voters in Virginia elected the first black governor to office in 1989
a) Checks and Balances
b) Republicanism
c) Individual Rights
d) Separation of Powers

The Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional
a) Individual Rights
b) Federalism
c) Checks and Balances
d) Republicanism

Congress can't make laws that violate the right of free speech
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Limited Government
c) Republicanism
d) Individual Rights

Who is remembered as the Father of the Constitution for all of his input and ideas?
a) James Madison
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) John Adams

This meeting called for replacing the Articles of Confederation with a new government:
a) Continental Congress
b) Philadelphia Convention
c) Confederation Congress
d) Stamp Act Congress

This house in Congress gave states equal representation in the government:
a) House of Representatives
b) Virginia Plan
c) Senate
d) New Jersey Plan

This house of Congress gave states representation based on their population:
a) House of Representatives
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Senate
d) Virginia Plan

Under the Great Compromise what was created to represent states?
a) Supreme Court
b) Executive Order
c) Congress
d) Cabinet

How were slaves counted for representation in the new government?
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Great Compromise
c) 3/5th compromise
d) Great Compromise

What allowed for both large and small states to be equally represented in the government?
a) The Great Compromise
b) The 3/5th Compromise
c) The Missouri Compromise
d) The Compromise of 1850

Under the Virginia Plan how many votes did states get for representation in the government?
a) One
b) Thirteen
c) Based on population
d) Equal representation

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