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What is the definition of a gene?
a) One copy of all our DNA
b) A section of DNA that gives a characteristic
c) A coiled-up, x-shaped section of DNA
d) One whole chromosome

How many chromosomes do sperm and eggs have?
a) 46
b) 23 pairs
c) 23
d) 46 pairs

How many chromosomes do normal body cells have?
a) 46 pairs
b) 23
c) 23 pairs
d) 46

Which scientist did not win the Nobel prize for their work on DNA?
a) Watson
b) Franklin
c) Wilkins
d) Jenner

What shape is DNA?
a) Double helix
b) X-shaped
c) Triple helix
d) Spherical

Which two scientists discovered the shape of DNA?
a) Frankin and Wilkins
b) Darwin and Wallace
c) Watson and Crick
d) Darwin and Lamarck

Which of these is smallest?
a) Gene
b) Chromosome
c) Genome
d) Cell

Where are chromosomes found?
a) In the cytoplasm
b) In the nucleus
c) In the membrane
d) In the mitochondria

Who produced the first X-ray pictures of DNA?
a) Crick
b) Watson
c) Franklin
d) Parker

How many genes do we have?
a) 23 pairs
b) 23
c) Around 20,000
d) Around 100,000

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