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How does Charlie's personality change after surgery?
a) He becomes more generous with his thoughts
b) He becomes extremely smart and notices that the people around him are not as smart as he thought
c) He still perceives the world as being kind
d) He turns into a mouse

Miss Kinnian believes Charlie is the best candidate for the operation because
a) he is motivated to learn.
b) he stays the lastest at school.
c) he is in better health than the others.
d) he is happy.

At the end of the story, what is revealed to the reader about Charlie's relationships with people at work?
a) The doctor has not been specific enough with his instructions to Charlie.
b) The people who he thinks are not his friends care for him.
c) The people who he thinks of as friends are making fun of him
d) He is held up as a positive example at work.

The entries that deal with grammar demonstrate how far Charlie has come in gaining intelligence. Which fact best proves how far Charlie has progressed?
a) Miss Kinnian says he's a fine person.
b) Charlie notices that Miss Kinnian has something in her eye
c) Charlie is not sure why people need to know how to spell
d) Charlie is able to figure out that he is using commas incorrectly

Charlie is referred for the operation by
a) Miss Kinnian
b) Mr. Donnegan
c) His father
d) Dr. Nemur

The FIRST inkblot tests that the doctors ask Charlie to complete prove to be
a) helpful
b) useless
c) humerous
d) illegal

When Charlie becomes a genius, his most important discovery is
a) that he has to communicate with Miss Kinnian on a lower level
b) that Algernon will soon die
c) that Dr. Nemur doesn't know the work on experimental intelligence in India
d) his theory about how quickly artificial intelligence deteriorates (or declines)

Charlie leaves New York because
a) his landlady throws him out after he doesn't pay the rent.
b) he can't get a job now that he isn't a genius.
c) he doesn't want people to feel sorry for him.
d) he doesn't want the men at the factory to laugh at him again.

What is the first sign of Charlie's intelligence changing after the surgery?
a) his writing ability and beating Algernon
b) his brain measures a higher intelligence
c) he passes the ink blot test
d) he eats a cake

Which sentence best states the doctor's reason for having Charlie compete with Algernon?
a) Charlie needs to learn the rules for running mazes.
b) The doctors want to see how well Charlie tolerates stress.
c) It is a way of comparing their levels of intelligence.
d) By seeing how well Algernon is doing, Charlie may be more willing to undergo the operation.

What is Charlie's intelligence compared to?
a) a rat
b) other people who have had the surgery
c) a white mouse
d) a flower

At the end of the story, Charlie says of Miss Kinnian - The thought of leaving her behind made me sad. What does this statement foreshadow?
a) Charlie's intelligence will change in ways that make a relationship with her impossible.
b) Charlie will be offered a job position that will take him far away.
c) Miss Kinnian will do something that will destroy Charlie's love for her.
d) Miss Kinnian will refuse to have anything more to do with the experiment.

What is the point of view of Flowers for Algernon
a) first person, Charlie's doctors point of view
b) first person, from Charlie's point of view
c) third person, telling the thoughts of many characters
d) third person, telling the thoughts of Kiss Kinnian and Charlie only

The success of the operation is most evident in
a) Charlie's entry into the Special Olympics.
b) Charlie's ability to read an eye chart.
c) Charlie's rapid improvement in spelling and grammar in the progress reports,
d) Charlie's quick rise to chief administrator at the hospital.

The operation that Charlie is selected for is to
a) mend tissue
b) triple his intelligence
c) give him new memories
d) make him forget things.

Based on the content of the story, what is the author's opinion of mentally disabled individuals?
a) Daniel Keyes does not like them.
b) Daniel Keyes is passionate about mentally disabled people.
c) Daniel Keyes does not care either way.
d) Daniel Keyes is Charlie Gordon.

What can the reader infer from the details about Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur?
a) The two doctors are equally kind to Charlie.
b) The doctors are cold-hearted scientists who care nothing for Charlie.
c) The two doctors are closed friends who completely support each other's careers
d) The two doctors are somewhat competitive

The reader learns the most about Charlie Gordon through
a) Charlie's thoughts and feelings
b) Miss Kinnian's opinions of and reactions to Charlie
c) The author's descriptions of Charlie's physical traits
d) The doctor's lab notes about Charlie

After the operation, Charlie begins to spend a great deal of time alone because
a) he lacks friends who can match his intellectual level.
b) Miss Kinnian and the doctors often try to avoid him.
c) Mrs. Flynn objects to his having visitors in his room.
d) he wants a quiet place where he can listen to music.

At the beginning of the story, what is revealed to the reader about Charlie's relationships with people at work?
a) The doctor has not been specific enough with his instructions to Charlie.
b) His friends care for him deeply.
c) The people who he thinks of as friends are making fun of him.
d) He is held up as a positive example at work.

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