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Describes how parts of an artwork are arranged to create a sense of equal weight or interest
a) form
b) balance
c) design
d) scale

The use of different lines, shapes, textures, colors or other elements to create interest in an artwork
a) unity
b) pattern
c) proportion
d) variety

A visual element is given more importance that others to catch and hold the viewer’s attention
a) emphasis
b) proportion
c) movement
d) shape

The relation of one object to another in size, amount, or number. Also used to describe the human figure
a) emphasis
b) rhythm
c) proportion
d) movement

A mark that has length and direction
a) line
b) color
c) shape
d) form

Repeating elements create visual or actual movement in an artwork
a) movement
b) proportion
c) pattern
d) rhythm

The lightness or darkness of a color
a) color
b) value
c) unity
d) variety

A choice of lines, colors, or shapes that are repeated over and over, usually in a planned way
a) movement
b) rhythm
c) pattern
d) variety

Visual elements are combined to produce a sense of action, the viewer’s eye to sweep the composition in a definite manner
a) movement
b) rhythm
c) hue
d) balance

A three-dimensional object that has height, width and depth
a) shape
b) form
c) line
d) value

A line that surrounds a space or color, these are flat or two-dimensional
a) form
b) line
c) shape
d) variety

All parts of a design work together to create a feeling of wholeness
a) variety
b) line
c) form
d) unity

Another word for hue, examples would be yellow, blue and red.
a) color
b) space
c) pattern
d) line

The empty or open area between, around, above, below or within objects
a) form
b) shape
c) space
d) movement

Which art form uses dots to make up the painting?
a) neoimpressionism
b) abstract
c) collage
d) linear perspective

Which of the following is the best definition for a contour drawing?
a) Detailed sketch with shading
b) A drawing with just the basic outline of the object with no shading or coloring.
c) A sketch with just the outline of the object
d) Lines on a page

When making a grid drawing, what is the first step?
a) Draw the grid
b) Coloring
c) Erasing
d) Draw the contour drawing

What was duct tape originally intended for?
a) Making wallets and purses
b) Making permanent repairs on random objects
c) Connecting duct works
d) Military quick repairs

What was the last step of the Word Art Project?
a) Coloring
b) Draw the contour drawing
c) Erasing
d) Draw the grid

When you are shading an object you must first establish what?
a) The colors you will use
b) Direction of the light
c) Position of the contour
d) Draw a grid

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