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The second law of thermodynamics describes a gradual increase in disorder for the universe. This is known as
a) entropy
b) enthalpy
c) heat of fusion
d) gibbs free energy

Heat usually flows from
a) hot to cold
b) cold to hot
c) warm to warmer
d) high to low

During the change in state from liquid water to a water vapor gas, what happens to heat energy?
a) heat is absorbed
b) heat is released
c) heat is both absorbed and released
d) heat does not change

What is defined as the ability to do work?
a) energy
b) mass
c) force
d) pressure

In an exothermic reaction, the change in enthalpy is
a) negative
b) positive
c) the same
d) neutral

If you wanted to measure the heat flow during a chemical reaction, what instrument would you use?
a) calorimeter
b) thermometer
c) barometer
d) manometer

The heat per unit mass required to vaporize a substance at its normal boiling point.
a) heat of vaporization
b) heat of fusion
c) enthalpy of formation
d) heat of precipitation

In thermodynamics, the part of the universe that is being studied is the ____ and everything outside of it is the _____.
a) system; surroundings
b) surroundings; system
c) focus; environment
d) part; whole

The type of energy associated with motion
a) kinetic energy
b) potential energy
c) radiant energy
d) electromagnetic potential energy

The amount of heat required to cause a unit rise in temperature of a unit mass of a substance
a) specific heat
b) heat of fusion
c) heat of vaporization
d) heat capacity

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