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What are the values for STP?
a) 22.4 L, 1 atm, 273.15 K
b) 1 L, 1 atm, 273.15 K
c) 1 L, 1 atm, 298 K
d) 22.4 L, 1 atm, 298 K

What is the formula for pressure?
a) P = F/A
b) P = F x A
c) P = mF/A
d) P = V/F

What device measures the pressure created by the collisions of gas molecules in Earth’s atmosphere?
a) barometer
b) calorimeter
c) thermostat
d) thermometer

Which of the following is not a major assumption of the Kinetic Theory of Matter?
a) gas molecules undergo non-elastic collisions resulting in energy loss
b) kinetic energy is directly related to temperature
c) gas molecules are in constant, rapid motion, moving in straight lines
d) gas molecules are very far apart and their volume is negligible compared to the whole gas

What is the formula for the ideal gas law?
a) PV = nRT
b) PV = mVT
c) PV = nRV
d) PV = nR/T

Which gas law represents pressure being held constant while volume and temperature change?
a) Charles’s Law
b) Boyle’s Law
c) Gay-Lussac’s Law
d) Avogadro’s Law

What is the process of mixing molecules of one substance through another by random molecular motion?
a) diffusion
b) partial pressure
c) chemical reaction
d) entropy

cWhich law states that if the volume of gases are kept at equal temperatures and pressures, the number of molecules will be the same?
a) Avogadro’s Law
b) Boyle’s Law
c) Charles’s Law
d) Amonton’s Law

760 torr is equal to
a) 1 atm
b) 3 atm
c) 2 atm
d) 0.1 atm

This device is used to measure the pressure of gas samples
a) manometer
b) altimeter
c) calorimeter
d) thermometer

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