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A forty-five-year-old woman is a heavy drinker, smoker, and has had many sexual partners. Certain types of the female reproductive cancers run in her family. Based upon her history, which of the following conditions are controllable risk factors for
a) her sexual partners and her age
b) her age and heredity
c) heredity and her sexual behavior
d) her sexual behavior and smoking

You have been appointed to a health education team at your school. Your job is to develop the criteria for the health information you will be sharing with students. Which term BEST represents your role in the project?
a) critical thinker
b) problem solver
c) effective communicator
d) self-directed

Spiritual health is __________ because people have many different ways of connecting spiritually.
a) easy to understand
b) simple
c) subjective
d) objective

Which of the following is a good description of wellness?
a) Emotional health is the most important component of wellness
b) Wellness is related to balanced improvement in all six dimensions of health
c) Social health is the only truly necessary principle of health.
d) Wellness is achieved when physical health is excellent.

Good mental health is the ability to __________.
a) express feelings appropriately
b) allow daily situations to cause excessive anxiety
c) recognize and cope with the daily demands of life
d) none of the above

Which of the following is NOT an important characteristic of good mental and emotional health?
a) independence
b) sense of belonging
c) high self-esteem
d) blaming others

Independent individuals __________.
a) live without human interaction
b) are irresponsible and controlling
c) make confident decisions about their lives
d) avoid the complicated relationships of life

Those with good emotional health __________.
a) always have good mental health
b) express both positive and negative feelings appropriately
c) can suppress their feelings without consequence
d) never get angry

Which of Maslow's needs are related to our environmental health?
a) physical
b) social
c) safety
d) esteem

Which of the following BEST describes self-actualization?
a) breaking down your life into the key components
b) learning to achieve without help from others
c) reaching your maximum potential in life
d) accepting your faults

Before reaching the higher levels of Maslow's hierarchy, one must __________.
a) rise above daily problems by improving one's emotional health
b) build a strong foundation by satisfying the lower level needs
c) free oneself of relationships that tend to cause complications in life
d) separate oneself from others who have problems

Which statement is NOT true about emotions?
a) Emotions can be triggered by events
b) Experiencing negative emotions is always unhealthy.
c) Managing emotions can help make better judgments
d) Emotions can be triggered by thoughts.

Emotional events that lead to stress include __________.
a) getting a new job or losing a job
b) divorce or loss of a loved one
c) problems with drugs or alcohol
d) all of the above

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