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Which of the following shows the correct sequence of the cell cycle?
a) C - M - G1 - S - G2
b) S - G1 - G2 - M - C
c) G1 - S - G2 - M - C
d) G1 - S - G2 - C - M

The cell cycle is the
a) series of events that cells go through from “birth” to reproduction.
b) period of time between the birth and the death of a cell.
c) time from prophase until cytokinesis.
d) time it takes for one cell to undergo mitosis.

A typical human cell contains 46 chromosomes. After mitosis and cytokinesis, each of the two new cells formed from the original cell
a) has 23 chromosomes.
b) grows new chromosomes from existing DNA.
c) has a complete set of 46 chromosomes.
d) has twice as many chromosomes as before.

Unlike mitosis, meiosis usually results in the formation of
a) two genetically identical cells.
b) four genetically different cells.
c) four genetically identical cells.
d) two genetically different cells.

What is a malignant tumor?
a) an accumulation of chromosomes
b) a mass of cancer cells
c) the rapidly dividing cells found at the site of a wound
d) an abnormal mass of essentially normal cells

Which of the following is a correct statement about the events of the cell cycle?
a) Little happens during the G1 and G2 phases.
b) DNA replicates during cytokinesis.
c) The M phase is usually the longest phase.
d) Interphase consists of the G1, S, and, G2 phases.

When during the cell cycle is a cell’s DNA replicated?
a) G1 phase
b) G2 phase
c) S phase
d) M phase

Cancer is a disease in which some cells lose the ability to control their
a) size.
b) spindle fibers.
c) rate of division.
d) surface area.

How many chromosomes are in the body cells of an organism that has a haploid number of 8?
a) 4
b) 8
c) 12
d) 16

As a result of mitosis, each of the two new cells produced from the original cell during cytokinesis
a) receives a few chromosomes from the original cell.
b) receives an exact copy of all the chromosomes present in the original cell.
c) donates a chromosome to the original cell.
d) receives exactly half the chromosomes from the original cell.

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