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The dynasty that created the Forbidden City?
a) Ming
b) Yuan
c) Song
d) Tang

The document that preserved rights of individuals?
a) Magna Carte
b) Pope Charlmagne
c) Justinian's Code
d) Griot

A merchant is someone who
a) grows crops and is very involved in agriculture
b) sails boats to new lands in hopes of finding tributaries
c) buys sells and trades for a living
d) spreads their faith to new lands for a living

A region means a specific
a) area of land
b) area of the water
c) empire
d) dynasty

Regional development refers to
a) how villages turn into cities
b) how land is used for agriculture
c) how missionaries spread their faith
d) how to past down customs and history orally

Who believes in the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) Christians
b) Sunni
c) Shia
d) Sunni and Shia

Which of the following is not a reason why Rome's legacy is important
a) their written language is used today in the United States
b) their laws are what the United States used for our own laws
c) their structure of government is what the United States used

The belief in one god is called
a) monotheism
b) polytheism
c) Hinduism
d) Buddhism

Lady Murasaki is important because
a) she wrote the Tale of Genji
b) she revealed the truth behind Confucius
c) she detailed the life of Marco Polo in the Mongol's rule over China
d) she was a runaway slave in the Arabian Peninsula

The Heian court valued
a) beauty
b) scholarship
c) loyalty
d) merit

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