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President Kennedy was president during which event of the Cold War?
a) The Berlin Wall goes up
b) The Berlin Wall comes down
c) Atomic bomb on Moscow
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

Which president encouraged Kruschev to “tear down that wall?”
a) John F. Kennedy
b) Ronald Reagan
c) Richard Nixon
d) Harry Truman

The two ideologies that battled against each other were:
a) Communism and capitalism
b) Socialism and fascism
c) Christianity and islam
d) Communism and socialism

The event where European nations met to divide Africa, where no African rulers were invited, was known as what?
a) African Conference
b) Congress of Vienna
c) Scramble for Africa
d) Berlin Conference

How did the Industrial Revolution become a major factor in the origins of Imperialism?
a) It caused an increase in shipbuilding due to the efficiency of factories
b) It caused a large influx of new economic sectors and encouraged Europeans to seek out new sources of profit
c) It caused a major need for resources to fuel the increase in industrial production
d) It caused competition between the major nations of Europe which pushed them into new territories

What did the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion have in common?
a) Both were fought against Great Britain
b) Resentment of foreigners contributed to both
c) Both were uprisings against the rule of Dowager Empress Cixi
d) In both, Hong Xiuquan led the Chinese forces

This document, written by Thomas Jefferson and influenced by the ideas of John Locke, stated the goals of the American colonists and outlined their grievances against the British King, George III.
a) Magna Carta
b) The Declaration of the Rights of Man
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Treaty of Westphalia

The Italian scientist who improved upon the telescope was
a) Giovanni Ribbisi.
b) Nicolas Copernicus.
c) Galileo Galilei.
d) Johannes Kepler.

Which English scientist is famous for his theories of motion as well as his work with gravity and calculus?
a) Robert Boyle
b) Christopher Wren
c) Isaac Newton
d) Monty Python

Gutenberg’s printing press was a critical part of the reformation, for what reason?
a) The ability to spread ideas throughout Europe quickly
b) A vernacular bible was able to be spread throughout Europe
c) It provided people with employment, and they no longer had to rely on the church.
d) The ability to spread information about Renaissance artists.

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