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A cup is sitting on a table. Which statement describes the relationship between the cup and the table.
a) The cup is accelerating faster than the table
b) The cup is pushing on the table
c) The cup is doing work on the table
d) The forces on the cup are unbalanced.

Which statement best compares a parked car with a car moving along a straight line at a constant speed?
a) There are no forces acting on either car
b) Only the moving car is being subjected to forces
c) Both cars are being subjected to balanced forces
d) Only the parked car is being subjected to balanced forces

Which is an example of balanced forces?
a) A door starting to open
b) A basketball being held
c) a truck beginning to accelerate
d) A book falling off a table

Two forces act in opposite directions on a wood block. What will happen if the forces are unbalanced?
a) The block will balance the forces
b) The forces will reverse direction
c) The mass of the block will change
d) The position of the block will change

Two people are pushing a car. One person is pushing with a force of 450 N and the other person is pushing with a force of 300 N. What information is needed to determine the net force applied to the car by the people?
a) The direction of the road
b) The direction of the forces
c) The weight of the 2 people
d) The weight of the automobile

While on a movie set, a stuntman jumps off the roof of a building. As he falls towards an airbag, what is increasing?
a) gravity
b) wind velocity
c) kinetic energy
d) potential energy

What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?
a) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its position, while kinetic energy is due to its motion
b) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its motion, while kinetic energy is energy due to its position
c) Potential energy is energy of an object due to applied force. kinetic energy is energy stored after force is applied.
d) Potential energy is energy stored after applied force. Kinetic energy is energy used from the applied force.

Riding a bicycle produces several forms of energy. Which form of energy is produced in the greatest amount by pedaling a bicycle down the sidewalk?
a) chemical
b) radiant
c) kinetic
d) sound

A student pushed a rock from the top of a hill. What type of energy change occurred after the rock was pushed?
a) Heat energy was converted to potential energy
b) Electrical energy was converted to heat energy
c) Potential energy was converted to kinetic energy
d) Kinetic energy was converted to electrical energy

What kind of energy change occurs when a battery is operating a remote control toy?
a) Heat energy is changed to light energy
b) Light energy is changed to heat energy
c) Potential energy is changed to kinetic energy
d) kinetic energy is changed to chemical energy

Thomas watches an orange fall from a tree to the ground. Which best describes the flow of energy as the oranges falls to the ground?
a) solar energy-- potential energy-- heat energy
b) potential energy-- sound energy-- heat energy
c) kinetic energy-- potential energy--sound energy
d) potential energy-- kinetic energy-- sound energy

The sound made by crickets occurs when the male crickets rub its two hind legs together. Which type of energy transformation results in the sound made by crickets?
a) sound energy to thermal energy
b) thermal energy to chemical energy
c) mechanical energy to sound energy
d) mechanical energy to chemical energy

Which of the following is used as a wedge?
a) a baseball bat
b) a bicycle pedal
c) a faucet handle
d) a sewing pedal

How does a pulley help make work easier?
a) It reduces friction
b) It redirects force
c) It holds things together
d) It pushes materials apart

A worker needs to load a heavy box onto a truck. The worker uses a ramp to move the box because the ramp....
a) increases the weight of the box
b) reduces the gravitational force on the box
c) increases the amount of friction on the box
d) reduces the amount of force applied to the box.

Which simple machine uses a fulcrum to redirect a force?
a) inclined plane
b) lever
c) pulley
d) wedge

A wheelbarrow is classified as a second-class lever. If a 500 N bag of soil is added to the wheelbarrow, which statement best describes the effort force?
a) The effort equals the load
b) The effort is less than the load
c) The effort is greater than the load
d) The effort decreases mechanical advantage

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