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What new religion gained support in the Roman Empire in the AD 300's?
a) Islam
b) Hinduism
c) Greek Gods
d) Christianity

Which Byzantine city was coined New Rome and became the capital city of the Byzantine Empire?
a) Constantinople
b) Florence
c) Paris
d) London

Which feature of ancient Rome made it a republic?
a) the absence of a king or emperor
b) equality of all adult male citizens
c) right to free speech in civic events
d) rule of law elected by representatives

Which of these play the BIGGEST role in helping communication within the Roman Republic?
a) banning slavery
b) irrigation systems
c) mountains to the north
d) a network of good roads

Which phrase best describes Augustus Caesar?
a) He was assassinated by rivals on the steps of the Senate
b) His rule marked the official end of the Roman Republic
c) He led a rebellion against the land-owners in Rome
d) His teacher was Aristotle

The Western Roman Empire was weakened by which of these?
a) the high cost of defending the empire
b) civil wars begun by Christian zealots
c) uprisings by Etruscans in the north
d) the prolonged nature of the Peloponnesian War

Byzantine Emperor Justinian's MOST significant political accomplishment was
a) codifying the Roman laws
b) defeating the Roman Empire
c) defeating the invaders from the south
d) restoring the empire to its previous size

In an attempt to save the Roman Empire, Emperor Diocletian:
a) ordered the execution of Jesus
b) mounted a successful defense against Atila
c) divided the empire into Western and Eastern empires
d) outlawed all other religious faiths except Christianity

Greek and Roman culture survived because of the Byzantine Empire and its preservation of the Greek and Roman:
a) architecture, agriculture, and ship building
b) money, trade connections, and military power
c) traditions, language, religion, and literature
d) trade routes, clothing styles, and transportation

The geographic location of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire,
a) prevented invasions from rival empires
b) allowed for trading contacts with Europe, Africa, and Asia
c) made it prone to flooding and constant trade interruptions
d) enabled overland, but not overseas trade with Europe and Asia

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