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i have english class in the morning.
a) I
b) I, English
c) I, English Class
d) I, English, Morning

i really like the book where the red fern grows by wilson rawls
a) Where
b) Where the Red Fern Grows
c) I, Where the Red Fern Grows,Wilson Rawls
d) I, Wilson Rawls

many students attend ivy tech after graduating high school.
a) Many, Ivy
b) Many, Ivy Tech
c) Many, Ivy Tech, High School
d) Many

i always go to watch the fall play.
a) I
b) I, Fall
c) I, Fall Play
d) I, Play

my first vehicle was a chevy silverado.
a) My, Chevy
b) My
c) My, Vehicle, Chevy Silverado
d) My, Chevy Silverado

have you read the book stories about dogs?
a) Have, Book Stories
b) Have, Stories
c) Have, Stories Dogs
d) Have, Book Stories About Dogs

he attended sunnyside elementary in lafayette.
a) He, Sunnyside
b) He, Sunnyside Elementary
c) He, Sunnyside, Lafayette
d) He, Sunnyside Elementary, Lafayette.

how old will the twins, casey and lacey, be in september?
a) How, Casey, September
b) How, Casey, Lacey
c) How
d) How, Casey, Lacey, September

did you ever live in mississippi, joe?
a) Mississippi
b) Joe
c) Mississippi, Joe
d) Did, Mississippi, Joe

please call your mom at 4 P.M.
a) Please
b) Please, Mom
c) Please, Your Mom
d) Mom

terry, what time do you have english?
a) Terry
b) English
c) Terry, English
d) Terry, You, English

mary smith is a member of the republican party.
a) Mary Smith
b) Mary
c) Mary Smith, Republican
d) Mary Smith, Republican Party

joe di maggio was a famous american baseball player.
a) Joe, American
b) Joe Di Maggio, American Baseball
c) Joe Di Maggio, American
d) Joe Di, American

he was a veteran of world war II.
a) He, Veteran, World War
b) He, Veteran
c) He
d) He, World War

both jane and fred like chinese food.
a) Both, Jane, Fred
b) Both, Jane, Fred, Chinese Food
c) Both, Jane, Fred, Chinese
d) Both

the mississippi river is the longest river in the united states.
a) The, River
b) The, Mississippi River, United States
c) The, Mississippi, United States
d) United States

the british don't know much about the american indians.
a) The
b) The, British, American Indians
c) The, British, American
d) The, American Indians

the president of the united states lives in the white house.
a) President
b) United States, White House
c) President, United States, White House
d) President, United States

has mr. williams ever been to new york?
a) Mr. Williams
b) New York
c) Mr. Williams, New York
d) Has, Mr. Williams, New York

i like to listen to the radio in my car.
a) I
b) I, Radio
c) I, Radio, Car
d) I, Radio, My Car

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