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Comparison not using like or as; Example: Ms. Moman is a rose.
a) simile
b) personfication
c) metaphor
d) hyperbole

The peak of all the action in the story
a) resolution
b) exposition
c) climax
d) plot

alphabetical list at the back of the book identifying important ideas the book and pages they are on
a) glossary
b) captions
c) index
d) headings

divides a text into parts and tells what each part is about
a) glossary
b) subheadings
c) glossary
d) captions

mini dictionary at the end of the book that defines bold face words
a) bold print
b) glossary
c) captions
d) photographs

dark type used to emphasize certain vocabulary
a) bold print
b) italics
c) captions
d) photographs

provide information not necessarily found in the text
a) text structures
b) plot
c) text features
d) theme

text structure where the author describes an event and the events that follow
a) descriptive
b) chronological
c) cause and effect
d) problem and solution

text structure where author gives information about a problem and states one or more solutions
a) descriptive
b) problem and solution
c) chronological
d) compre and contrast

text structure where the author provides several details to give the reader a mental picture
a) descriptive
b) problem and solution
c) chronological
d) compare and contrast

Comparison using like or as; Example: Ms. Moman is like a rose.
a) Simile
b) metaphor
c) hyperbole
d) personification

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