#1 Friday Benchmark 2 Review Question Preview (ID: 28214)

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What should you do if there is a thunderstorm?
a) Go inside a building or truck
b) stand by a tall tree
c) run to a neighbors house
d) Get and umbrella and walk around

If you wanted to stop a plant from growing what part would you cover?
a) the flowers
b) the fruit
c) the stem
d) the leaves

What part of a banana plant can form seeds
a) flower
b) stem
c) root
d) leaf

What does a barometer measure?
a) Wind speed
b) temperature
c) air pressure
d) wind direction

What lunch contains the healthiest balance of food groups?
a) Bread, peanut butter, jelly and milk
b) chicken, cheese, ham and bread
c) bread, milk, ham, and apple
d) milk, oatmeal, and sugar

Where are sedimentary rocks formed?
a) By pressure on layers of sediment under the ocean
b) By layers of lava hardening
c) By heat and pressure deep under the earth
d) molecules are attracted to each other in layers

What natural hazard is most likely to cause a wildfire
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) earthquake
d) lightning

Runners form from the _________________ of the plant
a) Roots
b) Flower
c) Leaves
d) Stem

What does an anemometer measure?
a) Wind direction
b) Wind speed
c) water temperature
d) rain amount

Jalen filled a clear container a quarter full with wet sand. She then put the lid on the container to cover the sand. She forgot about the container and left it in the backyard all day! Why was their water on the lid when she went back?
a) tiny water molecules evaporated into the air and then condensed when it came in contact with the lid
b) droplets condensed into the air and then evaporated on the lid
c) water molecules traveled up the side of the container until it got to the lid
d) Water molecules broke apart into oxygen and hydrogen and reformed on the lid

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