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The more ________ an atom has, the more it will weigh.
a) electrons
b) nuclei
c) protons and neutrons
d) electrons and protons

After baking a cake, it is hard to turn the cake back into its original ingredients. Why is this so?
a) The cake has gone through chemical changes.
b) Heat makes it impossible to separate all materials once they are combined.
c) The cake is made up of molecules.
d) The original ingredients no longer exist within the cake.

Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
a) rust forming on metal after it gets wet
b) raisins and peanuts being mixed in a bowl
c) pouring chocolate syrup over frozen strawberries
d) glass bottles breaking when dropped

Which of these is an example of a physical change?
a) an apple turning brown when exposed to air too long
b) fireworks exploding in bright flashes of color
c) spoiled food smelling bad in a trash can
d) large rocks getting crushed to be used as gravel

When mixing two substances together, what could the result be?
a) a mixture
b) a solution
c) a suspension
d) any of the above

Molecule is to atoms as jigsaw puzzle is to __________.
a) the picture shown on the puzzle
b) the puzzle's box
c) the puzzle's pieces
d) the table upon which the puzzle is assembled

How would scientists identify a molecule that contains two hydrogen (H) atoms, one sulfur (S) atom, and four oxygen (O) atoms?
b) Hh₂SOooo₄
c) H₂SO₄
d) HS₄O₂

Scientists identify an ammonia molecule as NH₃. How many hydrogen atoms are there in one molecule of ammonia?
a) one
b) three
c) four
d) There is not enough information to determine the answer.

What are the three kinds of particles inside an atom?
a) molecules, compounds, and elements
b) protons, neutrons, and electrons
c) helium, carbon, and hydrogen
d) core, mantle, and crust

What are all things made of?
a) matter
b) atoms
c) both
d) neither

What do pure iron and pure gold have in common?
a) They are both chemical compounds.
b) They have the same number of electrons and protons.
c) They both only exist as solids.
d) They are each made up of a single element.

What kind of chemical compound could be made just by combining carbon (C) and oxygen (O) atoms?
a) Water (H₂O)
b) Carbon dioxide (CO₂)
c) Ozone (O₃)
d) Calcium carbonate (CaCO₃)

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