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What caused newspaper publishers to encourage “sensational” reporting?
a) competition for readers
b) the high price of paper and ink
c) growing interest in sports
d) the popularity of comic strips

What effect did bicycling and other sports have on women’s clothing?
a) made clothing more practical
b) made wearing pants acceptable
c) forced women to wear corsets
d) forced women to wear hats

What did W.E.B. Du Bois encourage students to seek in school?
a) a vocational education
b) a liberal arts education
c) basic literacy
d) agricultural skills

Which of the following were popular forms of entertainment in the late 1800s?
a) vaudeville
b) moving pictures
c) trolley parks
d) all of the above

What did Booker T. Washington tell his students to focus on in school?
a) political equality
b) leadership skills
c) economic security
d) philosophy

Which phrase best summarizes what women and African Americans experienced when they sought to attend college in the late 1800s?
a) a real struggle
b) an easier time than white males
c) an impossible mission
d) plenty of opportunities

What boosted college enrollment in the late 1800s?
a) industrialization
b) laws requiring higher education
c) more government scholarships
d) the opening of many new schools

Why did African American and Mexican American students benefit less than whites from public education?
a) inadequate funding of schools
b) poor management of schools
c) untrained teachers
d) limited support from parents

How did immigrants regard public education?
a) as an aid to assimilation
b) as a threat to cultural heritage
c) as a path to advancement
d) all of the above

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was
a) an example of yellow journalism.
b) a popular magazine in the late 1800s.
c) a popular novel with local color.
d) the name of a vaudeville show.

How did minstrel shows portray African Americans?
a) as proud and free Americans
b) as stereotypes
c) as wealthy industrialists
d) as respected but poor farmers

How did southern states keep African Americans from gaining political power?
a) lynching
b) segregation
c) voting restrictions
d) de facto discrimination

What was one result of northern whites’ fears of racial equality?
a) race riots
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) poll taxes
d) literacy tests

Why was the NAACP founded?
a) to uphold segregation in the South
b) to fight discrimination through the courts
c) to design special voting restrictions
d) to create business opportunities for African Americans

Which of the following provided self-help guidance for African Americans?
a) the Niagara Movement
b) the Civil Rights Act of 1875
c) the National Negro Business League
d) all of the above

Which of the following was not an issue for women in the late 1800s?
a) access to higher education
b) the right to raise children
c) the right to vote
d) the public role of women

What stereotype was used to justify not giving women professional training?
a) They are too ambitious.
b) They are untrustworthy.
c) They lack physical strength.
d) They lack mental ability.

In which fields did most women professionals work?
a) law, engineering, and ministry
b) education, healthcare, and social work
c) science, music, and manufacturing
d) architecture, textiles, and banking

What development helped women take their first steps toward public life?
a) rise of labor unions
b) laws giving women pay equal with that of men
c) rise of national women’s groups
d) men’s increased interest in women’s rights

How did most women view the woman question by 1900?
a) supported drastic social change
b) rejected marriage as an important goal
c) wanted only economic equality
d) agreed with the principle of greater rights for women

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