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Whose army spent a winter at Valley Forge?
a) Davy Crockett
b) George Washington
c) Sam Houston
d) Abraham Lincoln

Where did the Mexican army defeat the Texan patriots?
a) Valley Forge
b) The Alamo
c) New Orleans
d) Yorktown

What was the first battle of the War for Independence?
a) Fort Sumter
b) Lexington/Concord
c) Bunker Hill
d) Saratoga

Where did the British surrender to the Americans in the War for Independence?
a) Appomattox
b) Yorktown
c) Washington, DC
d) The Alamo

Who wrote our national anthem?
a) Francis Scott Key
b) George Washington
c) Betsy Ross
d) Eli Whitney

Who led the Texans in the fight for independence?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Daniel Boone
d) Sam Houston

Who was the president of the Confederacy?
a) George Washington
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Francis Scott Key

Who was a missionary to Oregon?
a) Marcus Whitman
b) Daniel Boone
c) Eli Whitney
d) Robert E. Lee

Who was a frontiersman and pioneer in the state of Kentucky?
a) Davy Crockett
b) John Wilkes Booth
c) Daniel Boone
d) Eli Whitney

What did Eli Whitney do?
a) wrote the national anthem
b) murdered Abraham Lincoln
c) invented the cotton gin
d) freed the slaves

What were Union soldiers also called in the Civil War?
a) rebels
b) gray bellies
c) Yankees
d) Loyalists

Who wanted to preserve the Union during the Civil War?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Jefferson Davis
d) John Wilkes Booth

What was the Monitor?
a) a person who stood guard
b) an ironclad ship for the Union
c) a secret book for the President of the US
d) a Confederate warship

Who secured the Northwest Territory for the US?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Patrick Henry
c) Raul Revere
d) George Rogers Clark

Which Puritan preacher started the Great Awakening?
a) Jonathan Edwards
b) George Whitefield
c) David Brainerd
d) John Wesley

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