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Odyssey Final Review Part II.[print questions]

Argos was a symbol of which of the following?
a) Loyalty
b) Kinship
c) Hospitality
d) Fate

Homer often uses descriptive phrases to identify a person. What are these phrases called?
a) epic
b) Homeric simile
c) irony
d) epithet

Penelope agrees to marry the suitors if they complete what task?
a) Building her a castle.
b) Stringing Odysseus' bow and shooting an arrow through 12 axe handles
c) Returning with the body of a dead Odysseus.
d) Gaining Telemachus' approval

When Odysseus first reveals himself to Telemachus, his son thinks his father is ______.
a) a god
b) a swineherd
c) a Phaecian
d) a suitor

Odysseus is recognized by Eurycleia when she sees what?
a) Odyseeus hugging Telemachus.
b) A birthmark on his foot
c) Odysseus crying over the death of his dog
d) A scar on his leg

A line in a poem that is carried over to the next line is called ......... Ex. long since, in misery he suffers, far from friends
a) A Homeric simile
b) An epithet
c) An Enjambment
d) An epic

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an epic?
a) The setting includes supernatural realms such as the land of the dead.
b) The hero goes on a quest or journey.
c) The hero has super powers that help him complete his journey.
d) Gods are typically part of the action.

The meaning of the word Odyssey is ...
a) an adventure
b) a journey
c) a trip
d) a war

What was the name of the rudest suitor who is killed first?
a) Alcinous
b) Antinous
c) Emmaus
d) Scylla

Who was the 6 headed monster?
a) Polyphemus
b) Scylla
c) Circe
d) Charybdis

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