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Which influence of health cannot be changed?
a) the environment
b) technology
c) your values
d) heredity

The three elements of your Health Triangle are _________.
a) relationship, physical exercise, and stress management
b) heredity, lifestyle factors, and nutrition
c) physical health, mental / emotional health, and social health
d) risk behavior, prevention, and environment

Disciplining a child is
a) teaching a child good behavior
b) administering punishment for bad behavior
c) teaching and punishing his/her behavior
d) the whole point of being a parent

Once unmarried parents have signed an AOP ____________.
a) the mother and father have equal rights and responsibilities as parents
b) the mother is presumed to be the custodial parent and father is presumed to be the non-custodial parent
c) a child support case will be opened to ensure that the father financially supports the child
d) the father is presumed to be the custodial parent and mother is presumed to be the non-custodial parent.

How old does a parent have to be to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) in Texas and have it be legally binding?
a) 16
b) 17
c) 18
d) any age

The parents can sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP), which becomes a legal finding of paternity when it is filed, allowing the father's name to be put on __________.
a) the custody order
b) the birth certificate
c) both the custody order and the birth certificate
d) the adoption papers

A biological parent provides the ________ that caused the baby to be conceived.
a) sperm
b) egg
c) both sperm and egg
d) financial support

When an unmarried father has a child, he automatically has which of the following legal rights and responsibilities?
a) access and visitation
b) financial support
c) access to medical rights
d) he has no rights

The agency responsible for enforcing laws that require both a child's parents to help support the child is the __________
a) Texas Tax Office
b) Office of Attrorney General of Texas
c) Texas Department of Children's Welfare
d) Texas Department of Juvenile Justice

Abstinence can lead to ____________.
a) getting a sexually transmitted disease
b) an addiction to tobacco or alcohol
c) an unplanned pregnancy
d) a lower risk for disease

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