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What is a characteristic of a confederation?
a) The central government has all the power and the local bodies have none.
b) There are no characteristics of confederations.
c) The central government has little power and is ruled by local (regional) bodies of government.
d) The central government and the local bodies of government share power.

Which of the following was an important cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917?
a) differences among social and economic classes in Russia
b) differences between religions in Russia
c) differences between food in Russia
d) differences among age groups in Russia

Because of Canada's abundance of timber, which product does Canada MOST LIKELY export?
a) toys
b) electronics
c) paper
d) metals

Which type of religion is the most widely practiced in Europe?
a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Shinto
d) Taoism

How does an oligarchy compare to a democracy?
a) An oligarchy grows lots of olives and garlic and a democracy manufactures lots of donuts.
b) An oligarchy has happy citizens while a democracy has sad citizens
c) An oligarchy likes ostriches, while a democracy likes dogs.
d) A democracy allows people to participate, while an oligarchy limits citizens participation.

Most of Italy's major cities are located in or near ______________________.
a) coastal regions
b) mountains
c) plains
d) deserts

Most of Germany's cities are located near ____________________.
a) rivers
b) mountains
c) deserts
d) plains

Which type of democracy is the president both the chief executive and the head of state?
a) communist country
b) presidential democracy
c) command country
d) a country with a dictator

What are lines of latitude?
a) lines that tell people where to find certain restaurants.
b) lines that can be found under the ocean
c) imaginary lines that circle the globe east to west
d) lines that are used to climb mountains

Why is the country of Germany densely populated?
a) Due to its past with Hitler
b) Due to its dog the German Shepard
c) Due to its Germanic language
d) It's located within Europe's largest plain

Which statement best describes the economies of Germany and the UK?
a) Germany and the UK have a mixed economy with some government involvement.
b) Germany and the UK do not have any economies.
c) Germany and the UK are communist and run by dictators.
d) Germany and the UK only have traditional economies.

What relationship exists between the literacy rate and the standard of living in Europe?
a) There in no relationship between the two.
b) Europeans are extremely poor and don't know how to read.
c) Europeans generally have a high literacy rate and high standard of living.
d) Europeans don't care about literacy rate and standard of living.

What type of democracy is the president both the chief executive and the head of state?
a) traditional economy
b) command economy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) presidential democracy

Where are most of Italy's largest cities located?
a) coastal regions
b) mountains
c) deserts
d) plains

Where are most of Germany's major cities located?
a) mountains
b) deserts
c) near rivers
d) plains

Who is in charge of the day to day operations of the Canadian government?
a) prime minister
b) pope
c) queen
d) king

The industrialization of what country and its surrounding countries is causing concerns because of acid rain in the Black Forest?
a) Canada
b) Great Britain
c) Mexico
d) Brazil

Why would a country use tariffs (taxes)?
a) to generate money from imported goods
b) to get goods for free
c) to limit trade
d) who cares why?

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