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Which of the following goods were not taxed by the Stamp Act?
a) Legal documents
b) Playing cards
c) Tea
d) Newspapers

Why did Britain tax goods in the colonies?
a) To pay for war debt
b) To pay to erect buildings in the colonies
c) To punish colonists for drinking tea
d) To bring more enslaved people to the colonies

Why were Georgian reluctant to join the colonists in revolution?
a) Georgia was not a colony
b) Georgia could not afford to fight
c) Georgians were too scared to fight
d) Georgia benefited from Great Britain

Why did the patriots want independence from British rule?
a) They thought that the taxes were unfair
b) The British government was torturing them
c) They wanted to be ruled by Spain
d) They wanted to have their own king

Who did not represent Georgia in the Second Continental Congress?
a) Lymna Hall
b) Button Gwinnett
c) Elijah Clarke
d) George Walton

Why was the Battle of Kettle Creek important?
a) a. It proved that the loyalists had little support in the South
b) b. It was the beginning of a truce between loyalists and patriots
c) c. It proved the loyalists had a lot of support in the South
d) d. It resulted in the death of George Washington

Which country was the patriots’ ally during the Siege on Savannah?
a) France
b) Span
c) Great Britian
d) Mexico

Who were Georgia’s representatives at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
a) Georgia Washington and Abraham Baldwin
b) William Few, Jr. and Austin Dabney
c) Austin Dabney and Abraham Baldwin
d) Williams Few, Jr. and Abraham Baldwin

Why did the federal government experience financial problems while under the Article of Confederation?
a) It did not give states adequate taxing power
b) The president and Congress stole federal money
c) Congress lacked the power to tax U.S. citizens
d) The U.S. did not have adequate natural resources to generate money

Which of the following is a correct statement about the French and Indian War?
a) Native Americans sided only with the French
b) Native Americans sided only with the British
c) The British and French joined forces to fight against Native Americans
d) Native Americans sided with both the French and British

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