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Established in 1785, Franklin College, a land grant university, was also known as
a) Georgia College and State Universty
b) Georgia Southern University
c) University of North Georgia
d) University of Georgia

In a land grant university, who gives the land?
a) Native Americans
b) The General Assembly
c) Governor Lyman Hall
d) The Federal Government

The chronological order of the capitals of Georgia was
a) Savannah, Atlanta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Augusta
b) Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta
c) Sunbury, Augusta, Lexington, Milledgeville, Atlanta
d) Sunbury, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta

Why was the capital of Georgia moved to Louisville?
a) The governor of the state of Georgia was from Louisville.
b) Georgia wanted to honor King Louis XVI of France.
c) The capital moved as the population moved.
d) Louisville was built to rival Philadelphia, our nation's capital.

Under this system, each white male counted as a head of a family and had the right to receive up to 1,000 acres.
a) Georgia Land Rush
b) Yazoo Land Fraud
c) Manifest Destiny
d) The Headright System

For a small fee, any white males 21 years or age or older could buy a chance and spin a wheel and win land. This was known as
a) The Headright System
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Yazoo Land Fraud
d) Land Lottery

The Yazoo Land Fraud occurred because land companies
a) claimed land that had been acquired illegally.
b) made illegal treaties with the Native Americans
c) took land from the Native Americans by force
d) bribed legislators so they could buy land cheaply

Which mode of transportation was developing in Georgia just before the Civil War which was very important to Georgia's war effort and post-war economic development?
a) railroads
b) automobiles
c) steamboats
d) canals

The inventor who revolutionized the cotton industry was
a) Eli Whitney
b) Cyrus McCormick
c) Abraham Baldwin
d) Samuel Worchester

By 1860, along with the Baptists, this denomination was the largest in Georgia.
a) Jews
b) Methodists
c) Baptists
d) African American Methodists

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