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How did the invention of the cotton gin revolutionize the economy of the South?
a) it led to increases in cotton production and slave labor
b) it led to increases in cotton production and white labor
c) it led to decreases in cotton production and decreases in the need for slave labor
d) it led to increases in cotton production but decreases in slave labor

Which of the following people is responsible for developing the cotton gin?
a) Samuel Adams
b) Elijah Clarke
c) Eli Whitney
d) Thomas Edison

the sale of western land to four land companies after the governor and members of the General Assembly had been bribed
a) Land Lottery System
b) Yazoo Land Fraud
c) Corrupt Bargaining
d) Land Allocation

What was the Head Right System?
a) a system of selling land to potential land buyers
b) a system of distributing land to white males
c) a system of dividing land between whtie males and their slaves
d) a system of distributing government owned land to all citizens within a state

A set of written characters each one representing a syllable is called
a) Cuneiform
b) Hieroglyphics
c) Ebonics
d) Syllabary

Sequoyah, a Cherokee Indian is best known for developing
a) a system of writing or the Blackfoot language
b) a system of writing for the Iroquois language
c) a system of writing for the Woodland language
d) inventing a system for writing the Cherokee language

What was the land lottery system?
a) A system that distributed land to white males only
b) A system that distributed land by people paying for a ticket and having a name and land lot drawn from two buckets.
c) A system that distributed land to people who had fought in the American Revolution
d) A system that distributed land to African slaves who had fought in the American Revolution

An act that stated that all Native Americans have to move to western territories was called
a) The Migration Act of 2015
b) The Indian Removal Act
c) The Creek and Cherokee Removal Act
d) The Act of Relocating

A minister who rode horseback from place to place to preach and perform religious ceremonies.
a) District Rider
b) Circuit Rider
c) Region Rider
d) State Rider

Georgia's dominate religious denominations are
a) Catholics and Baptists
b) Baptists and Methodists
c) Methodists and Anglicans
d) Methodists and Presbyterians

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