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the land, water, and air in which people, animals, and plants live
a) ambiance
b) environment
c) vocation
d) residence

a collection of numbers that represents facts or measurements
a) formations
b) animations
c) statistics
d) factors

several things that influence or cause a certain situation
a) factors
b) statistics
c) formations
d) estimates

To judge the value or size of something
a) formulate
b) instigate
c) animate
d) estimate

Someone who tries to protect and save the environment is called a
a) humanist
b) biologist
c) conservationist
d) ecologist

Many animals are in danger of becoming
a) extinct
b) destructed
c) habituated
d) conserved

Where animals live is called their
a) exit
b) conservation
c) habitat
d) habitation

An animal that kills and eats other animals is called a
a) conservationist
b) destructor
c) factor
d) predator

The study of birds is called
a) ornithology
b) biology
c) anthropology
d) archaeology

The tornado caused severe ______ in many parts of the city.
a) construction
b) destruction
c) predator
d) prey

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