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The army of Sargon defeated all the city-states of Sumer and developed the first _________.
a) empire
b) monarch
c) social hierarchy
d) division of labor

The Babylonians conquered Mesopotamia and created a(n)
a) chariot
b) alphabet
c) code of laws
d) cuneiform

The Phoenicians made the following advancements for the region
a) iron weapons and chariots
b) alphabet and trading system
c) trading system and chariots
d) alphabet and iron weapons

What new technology did later empires, such as the Hittites and Assyrians, use in battle?
a) fire and chariots
b) bows and arrows
c) iron weapons and chariots
d) battleships and iron weapons

What new farming technique supported the growth of cities?
a) the plow
b) irrigation
c) division of labor
d) social hierarchy

Who served as the link between the Sumerians and the gods?
a) farmers
b) priests
c) war chiefs
d) political leaders

Which is an inference about why city-states fought each other for farmland?
a) Each city-state owned crops that had been destroyed by natural causes.
b) Each city-state had only one skill, which was farming.
c) Each city-state wanted to build walls around its farms.
d) Each city-state wanted to have enough farmland to grow food.

Which is the best explanation for why Mesopotamians built canals?
a) They needed a way to control the river’s flow.
b) They needed a way to stop flooding.
c) They needed a way to stop drought.
d) They needed a way to control the surplus.

Which two land features gave Mesopotamia its name?
a) The Fertile Crescent and the Mediterranean Sea
b) The Persian gulf and the Mediterranean Sea
c) The northern plateau and the southern plateau
d) The Tigris River and the Euphrates River

Sumerian city centers were dominated by __________.
a) palaces
b) temples
c) tombs
d) crosses

Sumerian __________ could be important religious leaders.
a) men
b) women
c) blank
d) blank

__________ played a major role in Sumerian society.
a) Education
b) Celebration
c) Women
d) Religion

Which of the following is NOT a Sumerian achievement or advancement?
a) the wheel
b) the plow
c) cuneiform
d) alphabet

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