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Beetles have chewing jaws for getting the food they need. Their mouth structures are an example of what kind of adaptation?
a) Behaviorial
b) Reproductive
c) Structural
d) Internal

Some animals migrate, or move to a different area during a particular season, to find food or better living conditions. This is considered an adaptation because ...
a) all animals must be able to find a variety of food.
b) it helps the animal survive and reproduce.
c) it is a change that happens every year
d) it is an activity that all animals of that same species participate in.

Which of the following is a characteristic of beetles?
a) one pair of antennae
b) four legs
c) three pairs of wings
d) two body sections

Insect mouthparts are adapted for _____.
a) Eating only plants
b) eating specific foods
c) eating only books
d) eating any food available

Based on the fact that watermelon contains many seeds, what can be inferred about a normal flower of a watermelon plant?
a) It contains very large anthers.
b) It contains a large number of ovules.
c) It contains a large number of stamens.
d) It contains many sepals and petals.

Which of the following is the correct order in which a plant with flowers may reproduce?
a) Pollination, seed formation, fertilization, germination, seed dispersal
b) Pollination, fertilization, seed formation, dispersal, germination
c) Germination, pollination, seed dispersal, fertilization, seed dispersal
d) Fertilization, pollination, germination, seed dispersal, seed formation

Camouflage benefits insects by helping them _____
a) reproduce
b) move especially fast
c) live in a variety of environments
d) avoid predators

Which one of the following statements about the ovary is not true?
a) The ovary contains one or more ovules.
b) Fertilization takes place in the ovary.
c) Pollen is produced in the ovary.
d) The stigma is connected to the ovary by the style.

Which one of the following statements is true?
a) After pollination, the pollen grain remains in the pistil.
b) All flowers are pollinated by insects.
c) All flowers are pollinated by pollen from a different flower.
d) After pollination, the pollen travels to the ovary.

What do petals in a flower do?
a) They attract insects.
b) They provide food for baby plants.
c) They make pollen.
d) They make female sex cells.

Pollen is transferred by wind or insects from a stamen to a pistil of another flower is known as _____.
a) Pollination
b) Fertilization
c) Germination
d) Seed disposal

During sexual reproduction in plants with flowers a sperm cell found in a _____ fertilizes an egg cell found in a _____ to produce a _____ which becomes new offspring.
a) ovary, pollen grain, seed
b) pollen grain, ovule, seed
c) petal, stigma, ovary
d) anther, seed, flower

Which structures make up the female parts of the flower?
a) stigma, style, ovary
b) pollen, anther, stamen
c) petals, pollen, ovary
d) ovule, eggs, stamen

What is the function of the ovary?
a) supports the ovary
b) produces pollen grains
c) contains the ovules
d) carries the pollen to the ovary

What structures make up the male part of the flower?
a) filament, anther and stamen.
b) pistil and style.
c) petals and stem.
d) pollen, style and stigma.

What structure forms pollen grains?
a) petals
b) style
c) anther
d) stigma

Transpiration in a plant is regulated by _____ cells and openings called _____.
a) xylem, stomates
b) pistols, anthers
c) roots, shoots
d) guard, stomates

Which plant tissue helps to carry water and dissolved minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant?
a) Phloem
b) Epidermis
c) Xylem
d) Stomata

Water moves from the soil into plant roots, xylem, into the leaves and then out through the stomates as gas. This process is called _____
a) transportation
b) metamorphosis
c) photosynthesis
d) transpiration

Which of the following characteristics is not common to beetles?
a) a segmented body
b) an external skeleton
c) jointed appendages
d) a backbone

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