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An organism’s habitat includes which of the following?
a) only food for the organism
b) only shelter for the organism
c) all of the resources the organism needs
d) nothing at all

If there are no limiting factors, a population can reach its _____.
a) competition level
b) population density
c) population potential
d) biotic potential

Which of these is a limiting factor?
a) food supply
b) existence of predators
c) shelter
d) all of the above

Carrying capacity refers to the largest _____ an environment can support.
a) ecosystem
b) population
c) community
d) habitat

Every ecosystem requires which of the following to support life?
a) water
b) plants
c) soil
d) heat

Photosynthesis uses all of the following except _____ to make food.
a) carbon dioxide
b) light energy
c) chemical energy
d) water

Which three areas account for roughly half of the water use in the United States?
a) irrigation, public supply, and industry
b) generating electricity, public supply, and industry
c) irrigation, public supply, and generating electricity
d) irrigation, generating electricity, and industry

Which of these substances can you pour down a drain without harming the environment?
a) paint
b) battery fluid
c) white vinegar
d) motor oil

When an object is recyclable, it _____.
a) is suitable to be processed and used again
b) does not help the environment
c) is unusable
d) none of the options

Which is most likely to have runoff that will upset the balance of nutrients in bodies of water?
a) agriculture
b) urban areas
c) industry
d) glaciers

To help reduce water pollution when disposing of household chemicals such as paint and motor oil, you should _____.
a) put them out with other trash
b) dump them over a hill far away from town
c) not pour them into drains or onto the ground
d) pour them in storm drains

Where is groundwater stored?
a) in lakes and rivers in oceans
b) in cracks and pores beneath Earth’s surface
c) at the poles
d) in ice caps

Reduced vegetation on Earth results in _____.
a) increased habitats
b) more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
c) more oxygen in the atmosphere
d) less room for humans

Water vapor is released by plants through their leaves. This process is called _____.
a) evaporation
b) photosynthesis
c) transpiration
d) respiration

Where is water stored?
a) in the atmosphere
b) underground
c) all of the options
d) on Earth’s surface

How is ocean water different than most lake water?
a) It contains salt.
b) It does not contain oxygen.
c) It does not contain salt
d) It contains oxygen.

What are coral reefs?
a) rock
b) outside skeletons of tiny, soft-bodied animals
c) deposits of bones from dead fish
d) plants

When water evaporates, it enters the _____.
a) biosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) atmosphere
d) geosphere

How do people use water from freshwater ecosystems?
a) drinking
b) bathing
c) crop irrigation
d) all options

Which of the following is NOT part of the water cycle?
a) nitrogen fixation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

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