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What does the word “Renaissance” mean in French?
a) rebirth
b) dangerous
c) recycle
d) restaraunt

What 2 cultures were “reborn” during the Renaissance?
a) Egyptian and Mesopotamian
b) Sumerian and Greek
c) American and Roman
d) Greek and Roman

The individual is most important. (Not the group).
a) Renaissance
b) Middle Ages

They were more concerned with Religious things.
a) Renaissance
b) Middle Ages

In which country did the Renaissance start?
a) Italy
b) France
c) Germany
d) America

Why did the geographical location of Italy help the Renaissance happen?
a) Made war easier
b) it is surrounded by land
c) it is a peninsula which made sea trade easier
d) It had many deserts

What were the 3 main problems of the Catholic Church before the Reformation?
a) Selling of indulgences
b) Uneducated and immoral priests
c) the Pope was too worldly
d) all of these are correct

Who was the leader of the Reformation?
a) Locke
b) Hobbes
c) Ignatius of Loyola
d) Martin Luther

What was the document on which Luther listed his complaints about the Catholic Church?
a) Crazy 88
b) 95 Theses
c) 76 statements
d) 100 observations

More people lived in cities (urban).
a) Middle Ages
b) Renaissance

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