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If ex- mean _________________, then an exoskeleton is a skeleton that is on the _____________ of a creature.
a) down, downside
b) out of, outside
c) back, backside
d) into, inside

What does the word repair mean?
a) to fix again
b) to fix into
c) to fix out of
d) to fix away

Change the meaning of install so that it means to install again.
a) exinstall
b) ininstall
c) deinstall
d) reinstall

There were a lot of __________________ in that recipe
a) deletions
b) extinct
c) ingredients
d) researchers

Which of the following are things that you would NOT install?
a) couch
b) bathtub
c) stereo
d) refrigerator

What does the prefix in the word install mean?
a) into
b) again or back
c) out of
d) down, away

What does deflated mean in the sentence, the ball was deflated after getting a nail stuck in it.
a) the air went back into the ball.
b) The air went out or away from the ball.
c) The air went into the ball
d) The air went badly into the ball.

What does the prefix in deflated mean?
a) again or back
b) into
c) down, away
d) out of

My football ________________ after being left outside in the cold.
a) deflated
b) deflating
c) inflate
d) inflation

What is the prefix in explode?
a) in-
b) re-
c) ex-
d) de-

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