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Igneous rock that cuts through sedimentary layers is always
a) older than the layers of sediment it cuts through
b) younger than the layers of sediment it cuts through
c) older than the layers of sediment on top of it
d) the same age as the layers of sediment on top of it

The original remains of a small insect may be found preserved in
a) amber
b) rock
c) cast fossils
d) tree rings

Why don't igneous rocks contain fossils?
a) Igneous rocks generally formed in cooler areas of Earth where no life existed.
b) Igneous rocks cool too quickly while forming and are therefore not dense enough.
c) All igneous rocks formed before plant and animal life existed on Earth.
d) The high temperature of the molten rock from which igneous rock forms destroys any trace of plants or animals.

The oldest layer in an undisturbed sedimentary bed is usually
a) on the top
b) on the bottom
c) the largest
d) the smallest

Which statement best describes how Earth changes over time?
a) Earth changes very rarely.
b) Earth is constantly changing.
c) Earth is always changing rapidly.
d) Earth has never changed.

Two types of rock fossils are
a) cast fossils and mold fossils
b) plant remains and ice cores
c) preserved original remains and fossils formed in rock
d) fossils formed in amber and fossils formed in tar

The body of a large prehistoric animal, such as a mammoth, complete with bones, muscle, skin, and hair, might be found preserved in
a) amber
b) ice
c) cast fossils
d) tree rings

Fossils are traces, remains, or evidence of
a) sunlight
b) sediments
c) volcanic eruptions
d) living things

Rock fossils form
a) in all types of rocks
b) in petrified wood
c) most frequently in sedimentary rock
d) most frequently in igneous rock

Scientists can collect samples of the atmosphere from as long as 530,000 years ago by taking
a) cast fossils
b) tree rings
c) ice cores
d) carbon films

In order to form a cast fossil, minerals must fill a
a) mold fossil
b) living organism
c) decaying organism
d) carbon film

The age of an event or object compared with other events or objects is called its
a) fossil age
b) absolute age
c) relative age
d) half-life

What connection can be made between a fossilized organism and the rock in which it is fossilized?
a) The organism was extinct by the time the rock formed
b) The organism lived during the time the rock formed
c) The organism lived in the rock as it formed.
d) The organism must have lived after the rock formed

In order to preserve original remains, a substance must be able to
a) keep air and organisms from reaching the remains
b) keep rock from reaching the remains
c) make a stone copy of the remains before they decay
d) make a mold of the remains before they decay

A fossil of a dinosaur's footprint is an example of a(n)
a) original remain
b) mold fossil
c) carbon film
d) trace fossil

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) oil
b) uranium
c) wind
d) coal

Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) coal
d) trees

What is a drawback to using fossil fuels to produce energy?
a) They are expensive to obtain.
b) They do not produce much heat.
c) They leave waste that must be stored.
d) They produce air and water pollution.

What natural resource is used to make plastic?
a) plants
b) minerals
c) oil
d) metal

One way to practice conservation in everyday life is to reuse
a) electricity
b) coal
c) minerals
d) plastic bags

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