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The main method header is written as:
a) public static void main(string args)
b) public static void Main(String args)
c) public static main(String args)
d) public static void main(String, args)

_________ is a software program that interprets Java bytecode
a) Java compiler
b) Java debugger
c) Java virtual machine
d) Java API

The extension name of a Java source code file is
a) .java
b) .obj
c) .class
d) .exe

Which of the following is NOT a Java reserved word?
a) public
b) void
c) binary
d) static

A Java ______________ starts with an open brace () and ends with a closing brace
a) statement
b) block of statements
c) string variable
d) instruction

Every java statement ends with a:
a) semicolon (;)
b) period (.)
c) curly brace ( )
d) comma (,)

What does IDE stand for?
a) Internal Device Error
b) Internal Design Environment
c) integrated Device Environment
d) integrated Development Environment

Which of the following statements is correct?
a) Every line in a program must end with a semicolon.
b) Every statement in a program must end with a semicolon.
c) Every method must end with a semicolon.
d) Every class must end with a semicolon.

Java compiler translates Java source code into _________
a) java bytecode
b) machine code
c) assembly code
d) another high-level language code

Which of the following statements is correct to display Welcome to Java on the console?
a) System.out.println('Welcome to Java');
b) system.out.println(Welcome to Java);
c) System.out.println(Welcome to Java);
d) System.out.println(Welcome to Java);

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