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Our sun is in the galaxy known as the...
a) Milky Way
b) Andromeda
c) Constellation
d) Black Eye

A small body of rock and metal that orbits the Sun is...
a) The moon
b) A comet
c) An asteroid
d) A meteoroid

An astronomical unit is the average distance of...
a) Earth from Pluto
b) Earth from the Sun
c) The Moon from Earth
d) The Sun and the nearest star

Why is Venus very different from Earth?
a) Venus is much larger and has more gravity
b) Venus has much more mass
c) Venus is farther from the Sun
d) Venus has thick clouds and an atmosphere of carbon dioxide

What type of galaxy is Earth a part of?
a) Spiral
b) Circular
c) Irregular
d) Elliptical

After a red giant lost its outer layers into space, what is the next stage in its life cycle?
a) Black dwarf
b) Supergiant
c) White dwarf
d) Massive star

Why do stars appear to move in the sky?
a) Because of the stars' orbits
b) Because of Earth's movement
c) Because of the Sun's movement
d) Because of the stars life cycle

Which type of star is the Sun
a) Supergiant
b) White dwarf
c) Massive star
d) Mid-sized star

Which type of star does not shine?
a) Supergiant
b) Massive star
c) Black dwarf
d) White dwarf

What does magnitude measure?
a) A star's brightness
b) A star's size
c) A star's color
d) A star's temperature

Why is it extremely difficult to draw the solar system to scale?
a) The planets are so detailed they are hard to draw
b) The objects are so far apart it is impossible to show them all on a single piece of paper
c) The planets are too large to draw
d) We don't know enough about the solar system to draw it to scale

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