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If you drag the fill handle up or to the left, what will Excel do?
a) Decrement the series (go backwards)
b) Increment the series (go forward )
c) Skip the series
d) Repeat the series

This fill option copies the format and contents.
a) Fill series
b) Copy
c) Fill Formatting
d) Keep source formatting

Sunday, Tuesday, _______,_________,__________
a) Thursday, Saturday, Monday
b) Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
c) Saturday, Sunday, Monday
d) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

a) 635,630
b) 645,650
c) 620,610
d) 655,660

This function assigns a value to a cell based on a logical test.
a) If
b) Now
c) Goal Seeking
d) What-If

This evaluates the impact of changing values in cells that are reverence by a formula in another cell.
a) What-If analysis
b) NOW Function
c) If Function
d) Goal Seeking

Fill in the series, Qtr3, Qtr4,Qtr1, _______
a) Qtr2
b) Quarter2
c) Qtr1
d) Qtr4

Determines the value of a cell on which the formula depends.
a) Goal seeking
b) NOW Function
c) If Function
d) What-If analysis

This Auto Fill Option fills the destination area using the format of the source area only.
a) Fill Formatting Only
b) Copy Cells
c) Fill Without Formatting
d) Select Cells

This function returns a number that corresponds to the system date an time.
a) NOW
b) If
d) OR

To copy cell contents Excel might think is a series, hold this key down
b) Shift
c) ALT

Jan, Mar, May _______, _________, _________
a) Jul, Sept, Nov
b) June, July, August
c) Jun, Jul, Aug
d) July, September, November

______, Wednesday, Friday, Monday,_________
a) Monday, Wednesday
b) Tuesday, Tuesday
c) Mon, Wed
d) Tues

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