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At what temperature does all molecular motion stop?
a) 0 F (absolute zero)
b) 0 C (absolute zero)
c) 0 K (absolute zero)
d) 0 N (absolute zero)

The type of transfer of heat through a liquid or gas is called ______________. An example of this would be how water is boiled on a stove top.
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Temperature

Placing a spoon in a bowl of hot soup is an example of transferring heat by...
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Thermal expansion

The reason you run hot water of a tight jar lid to ease opening it is due to this principle.
a) Thermal equilibrium
b) Thermal expansion
c) Thermal kinetic
d) Temperature

Temperature is a measure of ...
a) Average Kinetic Energy (the average movement of the particles)
b) Potential Energy (stored in the particles)
c) Total Kinetic Energy (the total movement of the particles)
d) Gravitational Potential Energy

Which has more thermal energy: a cup of coffee or a pot of coffee? (They both have the same temperature.
a) The cup of coffee
b) The pot of coffee
c) Both have the same TE
d) Neither have TE

Heat that travels through waves and can travel through space is called...
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Nothing

How does total energy relate to temperature?
a) The lower the temp, the higher the thermal (total) energy
b) The higher the temp, the higher the thermal (total) energy
c) They are not related.
d) The higher the temp, the lower the thermal (total) energy

What are the correct units for measuring heat energy?
a) Degrees Celsius
b) J/gC
c) joules or calories
d) Kelvin

How much heat energy would it take to raise the temperature of 10 grams of water from 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius? The specific heat of water is 1.00 cal/g-C.
a) 100 joules
b) 50 joules
c) 50 calories
d) 100 calories

Heat energy travels from _________ regions to _________ regions.
a) cold to hot
b) hot to cold
c) cold to cold
d) none of the above

When two objects of different temperatures arrive at the same temperature, you say that they have reached...
a) thermal expansion
b) thermal equilibrium
c) temperature
d) none of the above

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