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Where did cumbia originate?
a) Argentina
b) Chile
c) Honduras
d) Colombia

What two cultures mixed to form cumbia?
a) Colombian and American
b) Colombian and Asian
c) Colombian and African
d) Colombian and European

Where did salsa originate?
a) Mexico
b) Los Estados Unidos
c) Puerto Rico
d) Cuba

During what decade did salsa start?
a) 1980s
b) 1990s
c) 1960s
d) 1970s

Where did reggaeton originate?
a) Chile y Panama
b) Panama y Puerto Rico
c) Colombia y Mexico
d) El Salvador y Bolivia

What genre of music in English is reggaeton similar to?
a) Pop
b) Classical
c) Hip Hop
d) Country

Where did bachata originate?
a) Chile
b) Mexico
c) Honduras
d) La Republica Dominicana

What is a characteristic of bachata?
a) It is only played at weddings.
b) The songs deal with the subject of romance.
c) The beat is slow and flowing.
d) It has many influences from other types of music.

What country is merengue from?
a) Costa Rica
b) Cuba
c) La Republica Dominicana
d) Chile

What is a characteristic of merengue?
a) It has many african rhythms.
b) The songs are all fast.
c) It the songs are slow and drawn out.
d) The only instruments used are the guitar and drums.

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