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What is the appropriate response to if you saw a wolf???!!!
a) Fight or flight
b) Run and scream
c) Fight or fight
d) Nervous system

What does the integumentary system do?
a) Keeps bacteria inside of the body and water inside of the body
b) Keeps water inside of the body and keeps bacteria out
c) Releases hormones to control other body parts and maintain homeostasis
d) Protects internal organs and supports the body

What is the best example of homeostasis happening?
a) Walking around a desert your body becomes dehydrated (no water) and you continue to not drink water to maintain homeost
b) You run from your house to school in the middle of the summer and your body begins to shiver from being cold
c) Your body gets very cold and begins to sweat to heat you up
d) Your body gets too hot and begins to sweat in order for you to cool back down to normal temperatures

What does the endocrine system do?
a) Release hormones from glands. These hormones control other body functions
b) Release glands from hormones. Glands control your thinking
c) Keeps water inside of your body and bad bacteria outside of your body
d) Creates a barrier between low concentration and high concentration

What is diffusion?
a) A substance moving from an area of low concentration to high concentration
b) A substance moving from an area of high concentration to low concentration
c) A substance moving from an area of high concentration to high concentration
d) A substance moving from an area of low concentration to low concentration

How is osmosis different than diffusion?
a) During diffusion, water must travel through a membrane while osmosis is just the substance moving freely
b) Osmosis means that the substance travels from high concentration to low concentration
c) Diffusion is the substance that travels through a membrane
d) In diffusion the substance travels freely, while osmosis involves water going through a membrane

What does the endocrine system release?
a) Glands
b) Hormones
c) Homeostasis
d) Particles

The process of maintaining a balance in your body is_____________
a) Hormones
b) Glands
c) Photeostasis
d) Homeostasis

Imagine you eat some food that has gone bad, what do you think is the appropriate response for your body to maintain homeostasis?
a) Shiver
b) Sweat
c) Fight or flight
d) Vomit

Hormones ___________ your other body systems
a) Control
b) Destroy
c) Rebuild
d) Create

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