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Local winds are produced by
a) global winds.
b) global geographic features.
c) local farms and ranches.
d) local geographic features.

Mountain and valley breezes are caused by
a) differences in temperature and elevation.
b) similarities in temperature and elevation.
c) the same temperature at all elevations.
d) high temperatures at all elevations.

Global winds that blow from west to east are called
a) polar easterlies.
b) westerlies.
c) mountain breezes.
d) trade winds.

In the Northern Hemisphere, winds traveling north appear to curve to the east because of the
a) trade winds.
b) convection currents.
c) Coriolis effect.
d) polar easterlies.

Air moves in large, circular patterns called
a) pressure belts
b) convection currents.
c) westerlies.
d) trade winds.

What causes differences in air pressure around the Earth?
a) Warm air rises at the equator and cool air sinks at the poles.
b) Warm air sinks at the equator and cool air rises at the poles.
c) Warm air rises at the equator, and cold air rises at the poles.
d) Cold air rises at the equator, and warm air sinks at the poles.

What causes wind?
a) differences in air pressure
b) differences in gravity
c) differences in oxygen
d) differences in the thermosphere

The process by which gases in the atmosphere absorb thermal energy and radiate it back to earth is called
a) the thermal effect.
b) the greenhouse effect.
c) global warming.
d) the radiation balance.

Energy transferred as electromagnetic waves is called
a) thermal conduction.
b) radiation.
c) convection.
d) convection current.

Convection is the transfer of energy
a) by the circulation of gases or liquids.
b) as electromagnetic waves.
c) as heat through a material.
d) to the atmosphere.

Most solar energy that reaches Earth’s atmosphere is
a) absorbed by Earth's surface.
b) reflected by Earth's surface.
c) scattered by clouds.
d) absorbed by clouds, ozone, and gasses.

When does the land heat faster than the surface of the sea?
a) durring the day
b) at night
c) in the summer
d) in the winter

What is it called when warm air rises over the land and wind from the sea moves in to take its place?
a) mountain breeze
b) land breeze
c) valley breeze
d) sea breeze

Wind is considered a renewable resource because the energy that drives the wind originally comes from
a) rain.
b) the sun.
c) the ocean.
d) oxygen.

Temperatures over the land at night are lower than those over the water. Which event is caused by this temperature difference?
a) flooding
b) sea breeze
c) land breeze
d) deep water currents

Why does warm air rise and cold air sink?
a) because warm air is less dense than cold air
b) because warm air is denser than cold air
c) because cold air is less dense than warm air
d) because warm air has less pressure than cold air does

By which method does most thermal energy in the atmosphere circulate?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) advection
d) radiation

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