October Benchmark Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 27545)

Early River Valley Civilizations Benchmark Review Part 2.[print questions]

Which development completes this chart? -Developments of the Gupta Empire- 1. Hindu-Arabic numerals 2. _____ 3. the field of algebra
a) monotheistic religion
b) development of Latin
c) settlement of the Yellow River Valley
d) concepts of zero and infinity

In classical India, a person’s caste most likely dictated what aspect of their life?
a) what language they spoke
b) who they could marry
c) which political parties they could join
d) which religion they practiced

Which religion was most likely practiced in the Gupta Empire?
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Judaism
d) Shintoism

Which continent was home to the majority of the Silk Road?
a) Africa
b) North America
c) South America
d) Asia

How did the development of the Silk Road impact Chinese society?
a) It allowed China to adopt Christianity as its official religion.
b) It increased China’s power in Asia as it dominated trade.
c) It left China vulnerable to attack as it increased interaction with foreigners.
d) It weakened China’s economy as Europeans demanded cheap goods.

How did Chinese society attempt to place government workers into positions best suited to their skills?
a) They encouraged all people to travel abroad.
b) They only hired students of Taoism.
c) They recruited foreign workers.
d) They created the civil service exam.

Which religion teaches the Five Relationships?
a) Buddhism
b) Christianity
c) Confucianism
d) Taoism

Why did the ideas of Confucianism and Taoism arise in China during the Warring States era?
a) The Chinese were looking for moral reasons to support war.
b) The Chinese were attempting to create a system that rewarded th
c) The Chinese were trying to recruit their neighbors as allies for the war.
d) The Chinese were trying to establish a peaceful society.

What would be the best title for these notes? -Desire is the cause of all suffering. - There is no deity. - People should live by the Eightfold Path. - Life is dictated by the Four Noble Truths.
a) Principles of Buddhism
b) Principles of Christianity
c) Principles of Hinduism
d) Principles of Judaism

Why is the land of Israel important to Judaism?
a) Jews believe that Israel is the only land free of sin.
b) Jews believe that all religions came from Israel.
c) Jews believe that Israel is a symbol of God’s relationship with the Hebrews.
d) Jews believe that God will only save those who live in Israel.

The belief in reincarnation and Karma led to what development in Hindu societies?
a) caste system
b) civil service exams
c) homespun cotton
d) monotheistic religion

How did Confucianism shape modern Chinese culture?
a) Chinese culture is controlled by the elderly, and the youth are seen as equals.
b) Chinese culture is dominated by males and focuses on tradition.
c) Chinese culture is dominated by the youth and focuses on revolution.
d) Chinese culture is controlled by women, and marriage is not supported.

The literary piece entitled the Mahabharata is most closely associated with which ancient civilization?
a) Ancient Egypt
b) Ancient Greece
c) Gupta Empire
d) Han Dynasty

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