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What is one way that the invention of simple tools impacted the lives of early hunter-gatherers?
a) It allowed hunter-gatherers to hunt larger animals.
b) It allowed hunter-gatherers to navigate the ocean.
c) It allowed hunter-gatherers to create systems of government
d) It allowed hunter-gatherers to build money economies.

The earliest tools developed by hunter-gatherers were made of what material?
a) bronze
b) iron
c) steel
d) stone

Which ancient discovery, by early humans, allowed them to work at night?
a) fire
b) gravity
c) language
d) writing

Which task was most likely to have been given to a woman in a hunter-gatherer society?
a) building boats and shelters
b) gathering fuel and water
c) hunting large animals
d) trapping small animals

To what did the domestication of plants and animals eventually lead?
a) the extinction of cattle
b) the creation of religion
c) the discovery of gold
d) the creation of a food surplus

How did the invention of the plow impact human society?
a) It inspired the first religions.
b) It led to the development of government.
c) It improved farming.
d) It strengthened the military

How did the use of dams and canals impact early human civilizations?
a) They provided steady water sources for villages and farms.
b) They provided strong defenses for villages and farms.
c) They provided sources of power for religious leaders.
d) They provided valuable taxes for government leaders.

Why did early humans abandon the hunter-gatherer lifestyle?
a) Religious leaders commanded societies to settle in permanent villages.
b) It was easier for communities to steal from each other than it was to hunt and gather.
c) It was safer for communities to create permanent villages and to produce crops.
d) Deadly wars created strict borders between communities.

What did the four early ancient civilizations have in common?
a) They formed near deserts.
b) They formed near rivers.
c) They were hunter-gatherer societies.
d) They had monotheistic religions.

How was the architecture of Ancient Egypt similar to the architecture of Mesopotamia?
a) Both created terraced farms.
b) Both created buildings with pillars.
c) Both created large, pyramid-like structures.
d) Both created large highways.

What form of writing was developed in Mesopotamia?
a) cuneiform
b) hieroglyphics
c) pictograph
d) sanskrit

What is one way that ancient civilizations such as the one found in the Indus River Valley have impacted modern society?
a) They created the major religions of today.
b) They created modern languages.
c) They developed modern democracy.
d) They developed systems of trade between societies.

If a man knocks out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out. From which ancient text is this quote most likely ?
a) the Code of Hammurabi
b) the Epic of Gilgamesh
c) the Mahabharata
d) the Torah

Why was seasonal flooding a benefit to most early civilizations?
a) Floods protected civilizations from outside invasions.
b) Floods trapped wild animal herds.
c) Floods left rich silt deposits that improved farming.
d) Floods destroyed rival villages and cities.

How does Taoism use nature to support its teachings?
a) It claims that nature is an example of balance.
b) It claims that nature is evil when not controlled by humans.
c) It claims that all humans are at war with nature.
d) It claims that societies should remain nomadic like other creatures in nature.

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