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Define Growth Mind Set
a) Intelligence will develope if we get enough sleep at night
b) Intelligence will develop as we grow older
c) Intelligence will grow at 32% after age 6
d) Intelligence will grow as we develop and practice new skills and strategies

What is neuroplasticity?
a) When your brain develop plastic hole to hold new information
b) New Plastic
c) Re-wiring your brain to learn something new
d) The neurons in your brain

a) neuro
b) plastic
c) city
d) this word is made up of only a root word and a suffix

How can you re-wire your brain?
a) Reading for an hour a day
b) repeating the same action until it become a normal routine for you
c) Reading at least once a week
d) Asking atleast 50 questions a week

When do our brains grow the most?
a) When we are sleeping
b) When we read for academic purpose
c) When we get a question wrong
d) When we read for fun

How is your brain like muscle?
a) Brain and muscle are made up of the same matter
b) Brain and muscle are not alike they both consist of different matter
c) The more you work at building muscle or intelliegence the more it will grow
d) Brain and muscle are made up of the same protiens

Define the Fixed Mind Set
a) When one believe that you are born with or without intelliegnce
b) Intelliegnce can grow
c) This is the ratio of brain matter verses brain protien
d) Intelligence grows until the age of 6

What are the two Mind Set's
a) Fixed Mind Set and growth Mind Set
b) Good Mind Set and Bad Mind Set
c) Bad Mind Set and Good Mind Set
d) Academic Mind Set and Non-Academic Mind Set

How do people become more intelligent.
a) This isn't possible.
b) By expanding what they currently know and understand.
c) Listening to classical music for an hour a day.
d) By asking at-least 50 questions a day.

What happens to the neurons at birth verses age six?
a) The neurons will stop growing until the child is 6 and a half years old.
b) more connections are evident
c) Nothing from birth to six neurons remain still and silent
d) The neurons and inter connect with the other brain cells

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