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What are violent movements of the Earth's surface
a) Earthquakes
b) hurricanes
c) tornadoes

The exact place on Earth that something can be found
a) place
b) absolute location
c) relative location

What is it called when the daylight and night-time hours are the same.
a) equator
b) equinox
c) soltice

A narrow neck of land that connects two larger pieces of land is a/an _______.
a) plateu
b) pennisula
c) isthmus

the line of longitude that runs through Greenwich, England.
a) Prime Meridian
b) Tropic of Cancer
c) Equator

THe theme of geography that includes people migrating from place to place
a) place
b) region
c) movement

What is the area around the Pacific Ocean called where there are frequent volcanic eruptions.
a) Pacific plate
b) Ring of Fire
c) Volcano Alley

The Earth takes a year to make one complete ______________ around the sun.
a) revolution
b) rotation
c) revolt

What is the process of moving water from the oceans, to the air, back to the ground?
a) the tropics
b) precipitation
c) water cycle

What is the area between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn referred to?
a) The middle latitudes
b) the tropics
c) The Arctic zone

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