Social Studies, Westward Expansion Vocab Question Preview (ID: 27505)

Vocab-20 Terms Westward Expansion.[print questions]

a) vein of silver or gold
b) blood vein
c) window vane
d) weather vane

a) cooperative
b) reservation
c) subsidy
d) formal agreement

a) buying and selling of goods in large quantities at low prices
b) same as retail
c) inflation
d) subsidy

a) cattle driver
b) travois
c) Spanish rider that tended cattle in Mexico and the Southwest
d) vigilante

a) area set aside for Native Americans
b) treaty
c) guranteed seating at a restaurant
d) concerns

A group of farmers that pool money to make purchases
a) cooperative
b) vaqueros
c) cattle drivers
d) vigilantes

A Great Plains farmer
a) longhorn
b) sodbuster
c) vigilante
d) vaquero

enclosure for capturing livestock
a) lode
b) cooperative
c) corral
d) sodbuster

a) carriage
b) cart
c) wagon
d) sled

a) fugitives
b) state police
c) criminals
d) self-appointed law officers

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