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The US was a member of this alliance
a) Axis
b) Allies
c) League of Nations
d) EU

The United States joined WWII after this event
a) the Holocaust
b) Battle of Berlin
c) Bombing of Pearl Harbor
d) Sinking of the Lusitania

People in the US supported the war by
a) buying war bonds
b) rationing supplies
c) recycling
d) all of the above

Women's dresses were this length in the 1940s
a) ankle
b) mid-thigh
c) mid-calf
d) knee

a) ships used in the Pacific
b) tanks used in the Battle of Kursk
c) the name of the atomic bombs
d) women in the military

The Holocaust refers to
a) the US invasion of Okinawa
b) the killing of Jews by the Nazis
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Germany's alliance with Japan

Who was the leader of Great Britain in WWII?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Winston Churchill
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Hirohito

What was the type of music that became popular in the 1940s?
a) Big Band
b) Ragtime
c) Jazz
d) Rap

Franklin Roosevelt called December 7, 1941 a date that
a) will never be forgotten
b) delivered Europe
c) will live in infamy
d) he would return to the Philippines

Who was the head of the US Navy in the Pacific?
a) MacArthur
b) Patton
c) Nimitz
d) Hirohito

Audie Murphy was the
a) leader of US Forces in North Africa
b) the leader of France
c) the head of ground forces in the Pacific
d) the most decorated US soldier in WWII

What was the most common form of home entertainment in the 1940s?
a) Movies
b) Radio
c) TV
d) Video games

What did the US quit producing in the 1940s to support the war effort?
a) Clothes
b) Sugar
c) Newspapers
d) Cars

What is the term that means trying to eliminate an entire group of people?
a) Atomic
b) Genocide
c) Segregation
d) RAF

What were concentration camps?
a) the military camps in Europe
b) the place where Japanese-Americans were kept
c) places where Nazis imprisoned and killed Jews
d) meetings of leaders of the Allied nations

Who was the President that decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Harry Truman
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) George Patton

What was the largest water-to-land invasion in history?
a) island hopping
b) Battle of Midway
c) D-Day
d) El Alamein

What group of people were held in internment camps in the US during the war?
a) Asian-Americans
b) German-Americans
c) Kamakazes
d) African-Americans

Which Axis power surrendered first?
a) Japan
c) France
d) Germany

What type of political system is fascism?
a) people vote
b) a king or queen
c) one person rules with the help of the military
d) everyone is equal and all share in the work and profit

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