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When Elizabeth was held captive in the woods behind her house she could hear her uncle calling her name. Why did she not respond or attempt to run away?
a) Fear for her life
b) Mitchell had a weapon aimed at Elizabeth ready to kill her
c) Mitchell told her he would kill her uncle if her uncle found them
d) All of the Above

How did Mitchell protect Elizabeth’s identity when he took her into public?
a) He dyed her hair
b) He had her covered in veils and gowns
c) She gained 100 lbs.
d) She was pregnant

How did Elizabeth finally get free?
a) A biker recognized Mitchell and called police
b) A police officer approached her at the library and had her take her veil off
c) Mitchell’s parole officer discovered her in his basement
d) She broke through the door

Which of the following is how Mitchell met the Smart family?
a) He was a member of their family.
b) They met at Elizabeth’s school
c) Church
d) He did some handyman work in their house

Which of the following has Elizabeth done for other survivors?
a) Created her own foundation to help others
b) Reachs out to individual survivors and offers support
c) Became involved in politics to help become a spokeswoman for children of sexual abuse and abduction
d) All of the above

Josef Fritzl kidnapped his own daughter claiming what?
a) He was doing it for her own good
b) She was not his real child
c) She wanted to be his lover
d) He had multiple personalities.

Elisabeth spent the first _______ months of her 24 years tied up to a wall.
a) 8
b) 12
c) 24
d) 6

Identify the two groups of the seven children Elisabeth had during her captivity.
a) Upstairs and Downstairs Kids
b) Adopted and Non-adopted Kids
c) Attic and cellar kids
d) Outside and inside kids

How did Elisabeth finally get free?
a) Her son Michael died and Josef let her bury the child where her mother saw her in the garden
b) Josef’s parole officer found her in the basement
c) Her daughter Kerstin became very ill and Elisabeth managed to get Josef to let Kerstin go to the hospital which freed them
d) Someone recognized Elisabeth in the streets

Which of the following is an example of some of the reactions to freedom of the children and Elisabeth?
a) Pulling out hair
b) Inability to walk straightInability to walk straight
c) Inability to be in natural sunlight
d) All of the above

How was Shawn Hornbeck abducted?
a) Drugged and abducted by his father
b) Taken from his bed at knife point
c) Stun gunned on the way to school
d) Knocked off his bicycle on the way to a friend’s house

What was interesting and unique to Shawn Hornbeck’s case?
a) His kidnapper, Michael, took Shawn as a child and made him his “godson”
b) Shawn was killed within minutes
c) Shawn was the second boy Michael abducted
d) Michael forced Shawn to abduct another boy

Which of the following celebrities have NOT been kidnapped?
a) Julian King
b) Grace Kelly
c) Patty Hearst
d) Frank Sinatra Jr.

Which of the Cleveland victims had a child by Ariel Castro?
a) Michelle Knight
b) Amanda Berry
c) Gina DeJesus
d) Elisabeth Fritzl

What was unique about Gina DeJesus and Ariel Castro’s relationship?
a) Gina was his neice
b) Gina was his student
c) Gina was his daughter
d) Gina was best friends with Ariel’s daughter

Where did Castro keep his victims?
a) His crawlspace
b) His house behind locked doors
c) His backyard in tents
d) The woods

Which victim was able to break out of the house to get help?
a) Gina DeJesus
b) Jaycee Dugard
c) Michelle Knight
d) Amanda Berry

What was the result of Ariel Castro’s arrest?
a) Castro was killed by another inmate
b) The girls were returned to Castro’s partners
c) He committed suicide in his cell
d) He was sentenced to death

Which of the following was NOT a part of the captivity under Castro?
a) Beatings
b) Rape
c) Few showers and one meal a day
d) The girls became his wives.

Which of the three victims had to get facial reconstruction surgery to help repair some of the damage done by Castro?
a) Amanda Berry
b) Gina DeJesus
c) Michelle Knight
d) Elizabeth Smart

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